The Ultimate Colour Changing Party Guide

Stuck for party ideas? You’ve come to the right place... Colour Changing brings you the best multi-coloured Party Guide on the net!

What’s more, all our products make the perfect gift for any age!

We have lots of products to choose from, so let’s get cracking on that party plan!

Kids party

How about a spin on the classic party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Use colour changing stickers instead…

Colour Changing Star StickerColour Changing Circle Sticker

Craft parties are always enjoyable. Thermochromic Sheets can be cut into any shape you want! This film is adhesive and comes in a choice of black, blue or red, and turns translucent under certain temperatures. We’ve got a multipack too! Or, go the rainbow route and opt for our Liquid Crystal sheets.

3 Pack Thermochromic Film

Why not give a t-shirt decorating party a go? Our Thermochromic Ink Trial Pack or Glow in the dark pigments (in Aqua, Purple, Green or Sky Blue) are terrific supplies to get set up.

Celebrate the sunshine with a colour changing game of Pass the Parcel. Make your guests part of the prep and have them decorate each layer with colour changing ink; before you hide the prizes. These could be UV shoe laces, UV craft beads or a Photochromic Doodle Pen set

UV Photochromic Pony Craft BeadsUV Colour Changing Shoe LacesUV Doodle Pen

Once everything is wrapped, if you have used Thermochromic ink, every layer will change colour as the parcel is touched and passed around. Using Photochromic ink means each layer will change colour as the parcel is opened in the sun!

Colour Changing Thermochromic Ink

When it’s time for ice cream and lemonade, dig out colour changing spoons and straws—a bargain from £2.99!

Colour Changing StrawsColour Changing Ice Cream Spoons

Summer Party

Get wet-and-wild with Wet and Reveal ink. Starting opaque or off-white, this ink clears when wet and reveals any image or text underneath. As a reversible coating, it’ll provide hours of fun!

Before you fire up the BBQ, be sure to check the level in your gas cylinder first. Our easy-to-read colour changing Gas Level Indicator will prevent the hassle of replacing a half empty tank on the day and keep everyone safe.

Adult Party

A glow in the dark party is not your average celebration, but it’s sure to be remembered. Use our Glow in the Dark Ink, it has up to 10 hours glow time! Or, give screen printing a go and design entertaining t-shirts for a Hen Party or Stag Do with Colour Shifting Thermochromic Acrylic Paint (Green to Neon Yellow, Orange to Neon Yellow, Purple to Neon Magenta, or Blue to Neon Green).

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Let us know what party you are planning, and report back with the results!