A Colour Changing World

Colour changing products have been around for quite a while. They are incredibly useful in everyday life and for fun projects too! In the science world, they are known as Smart Materials.

We’ve listed some of the most popular effects and Colour Changing products which use these technologies. Read more below...

Thermochromic- These types of products use temperature to trigger a colour change.

Thermochromic stickers change colour around 25-30°C, or if you touch or hold them. We’ve got several shapes, so you can pick the one you love! 

Colour Changing Liquid Crystal Star StickerColour Changing Liquid Crystal Heart Sticker

Room thermometer cards are a simple way to monitor room temperature. Whether you’re trying to lower your energy bills, be eco-friendly or keep your baby comfortable, it's a simple but essential tool everyone can use.

Peter Rabbit Twin Pack Nursery Room ThermometerColour Changing Eco Room Thermometer Card

Colour changing products can be used all members of the family. Bath thermometers are perfect for testing the temperature of your baby’s bath, while forehead thermometers are ideal for measuring your little one’s temperature.

Duck Bath Thermometer

For adults, our Gas Level Indicators will please BBQ and camping lovers. Kitchen connoisseur? Our Fridge Thermometer will help keep food super fresh!

Gas Level IndicatorColdzone Fridge Thermometer

Animal lovers are in luck… our Hot Dog Alert will shift from black to red when the temperature inside your car has exceeded a safe level for your four-legged-friend.

Hot Dog Alert

Keep cool with Colour Changing Ice Cream Spoons, which shift from one colour to another when it touches cold food like ice cream; brilliant for a hot summer day!

Colour Changing Ice Cream Party Spoons

My Wee Friend is a potty training tool that rewards your child with a smiley face. Choose from 10 adorable characters!

My Wee Friend - Potty Training Sticker Pack

Photochromic- These types of products need sunlight or UV light to trigger a colour change.

We guarantee you’ll be wearing the funkiest shoes in town with our colour changing UV shoelaces!

Photochromic Shoe Laces

Colour Changing UV beads go from clear to coloured In UV light. Get creative—the smart way.

Our UV sun wristband turns purple when the UV index is too high, so you know when to stay in the shade.

UV Wristband

Transition sunglasses are prescription glasses that darken when UV light is present, which means you don’t need a separate pair of sunglasses!

Hydrochromic- These types of products require water or a liquid to trigger a change in colour.

When it rains, colour changing umbrellas transform from white to vivid colour; a sure way to delight friends and strangers.

Electrochromic- These types of products require an electric charge to trigger a change in colour. The effect is less common than others described above, but just as fascinating.

With the flick of a switch, smart windows change from translucent to frosted; really useful for maintaining privacy in offices or public spaces.

Produce super-charged designs with Electric conductive ink. It works on any surface you can paint on! It’s water-based and non-toxic, so you can doodle to your heart's content!

Conductive Ink

If you’ve used colour changing smart materials before, which has been your favourite?

What products would you love to try? What didn't work for you?