Colour Changing

Promotional Room Thermometer Strip Sticker with Liquid Crystal Technology

  • Red bar thermometer strip sticker

Colour Changing

Promotional Room Thermometer Strip Sticker with Liquid Crystal Technology

Colour changing products now offer a simple and safe replacement to the mercury thermometer. The 5 Level SCA Red Label 70x10mm 15, 18, 21, 24 & 27C This low-cost alternative has an easy to read liquid crystal display that rises in increments of 2-degree Celsius, making it the perfect product to indicate room temperatures and as a simple guide to eco-awareness. (Cards not included).

The adhesive backing allows this thermometer to be applied directly to pre-printed cards and used as a tool for companies to promote their energy saving guidelines and helpful information while exhibiting their branding at the same time.

Energy conservation thermometer cards have become an important product for marketing and advertising and are now being used by the NHS, schools, universities, nursing homes, local councils, baby safety, anti-smoking campaigns, work safety organisations, small businesses and energy companies to promote their values and to offer further services to their customers.

The compact size of this product allows companies and small business to provide low-cost mailouts to their customers without spending a small fortune. When applied to an A6 printed card, the finished product fits comfortably within a standard letter, whereas most promotional products require a large letter.

We also offer our customers a friendly and low-cost design service. Please contact us for further details and to get a free quotation.

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 Quantity Price per unit
1 £1.03 inc VAT (£0.86 ex VAT)
25 £0.55 inc VAT (£0.46 ex VAT)
50 £0.48 inc VAT (£0.40 ex VAT)
100 £0.44 inc VAT (£0.37 ex VAT)
250 £0.38 inc VAT (£0.32 ex VAT)
500 £0.36 inc VAT (£0.30 ex VAT)
1000 £0.29 inc VAT (£0.24 ex VAT)
2500 £0.29 inc VAT (£0.24 ex VAT)
5000 £0.26 inc VAT (£0.22 ex VAT)
10000 £0.25 inc VAT (£0.21 ex VAT)


We also accept purchase orders for orders over 1000 units. Our terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.

Please thoroughly test our products before print runs, production or end projects.