Colour Changing are proud to present...

...the colours of the rainbow as you’ve never seen them before! Our website is the ultimate destination for crazy-cool colour-changing products for a modern, safe and healthy home—for you, your family and friends!

Our popular Liquid Crystal, Thermochromic, Hydrochromic and Photochromic products help you to Save Money…Keep Healthy…and Stay Crafty!

As a family-owned business, we’re delighted to have supplied our medical-grade, Liquid Crystal thermometry products to star organisations like the NHS and NASA. Endorsed by the Lullaby Trust, our baby safety products are handy wherever you are: at home, out and about or half-way around the world!

The beauty of smart materials is that they can be used by everyone. As as a business or educator, you have a unique opportunity to help us spread their magic. We offer trade quantities on all our products. Contact us to get started!

We have two terrific tools to set you apart in your industry, using our Liquid Crystal technology:
- Design your own promotional thermometer card
- Create your own magnetic business card
Want us to develop a design for you? Click here!

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