Promotional BGOR 14C-26C LC Room Thermometer Strip Stickers

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Promotional BGOR 14C-26C LC Room Thermometer Strip Stickers


Create your own promotional room thermometer card with our BGOR (blue, green, orange and red) thermometer strips. Cards are not included. This smart product gives a clear indication of temperature by exhibiting a change of colour. Made with Liquid Crystal, this sticker measures 10mm x 70mm, and is manufactured in increments of 2 degrees Celsius. It has a temperature range of 14°C to 26°C.

Card (shown in photo) is not included.

The ideal temperature range for a baby nursery is 16 to 20°C. As a simple, easy-to-read room thermometer, these strips will ensure you can keep the baby comfortable.

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In addition, this product is the perfect tool to promote saving energy within the office, home or workplace. Establishments that have used these thermometer strips include fire services, eco projects, hospitals, care homes, local councils, schools, nurseries, midwifery and housing associations.

We also accept purchase orders from companies. Please contact us if you require a quotation.

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