250g Sky Blue Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Pigment

  • 250g Sky Blue Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Pigment


250g Sky Blue Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Pigment

This pigment 'glows' due to having absorbed and stored light energy from daylight. It will for up to 10 hours, even when the light source is turned off.

You can use SFXC glow in the dark powders and pigments in lots of different ways. Glow powder can be added to any non-water based medium.

  • Photo luminescent signs; road signage and emergency exits
  • Glow in the dark arts and craft projects
  • Materials, clothing and fashion
  • Halloween products 
  • Glowing Toys, stickers and bouncy balls
  • Glow in the dark clock hands and watches
  • Health and safety products

Our glow powders can be mixed with non-water based mediums. e.g. clear resins, PVA glue, solvent based paint, sealers, clear coat, varnish, lacquer and inks. If possible, please use a viscous (thick) medium. If you have used a clear solvent varnish, a finishing coat of varnish (once the surface is dry) will help to protect it.

10% pigment to 90% medium is usually sufficient. A thin layer of glow coating will not perform as well as a thick layer. A heavier build (coating thickness) is required to increase the glow time and brightness. 2-3 coats may be needed to increase the glow.

The glow particles are heavy for their size, and they tend to settle rather quickly. Try to avoid making large batches. Make the product as and when you need it to prevent the particles settling. Always remix the coating before reusing.

The medium must also have low acidity. High acidity will damage the glow.

If you have made glow in the dark paint or varnish, apply this using a brush or a paint roller.

Apply the finished glow coating to a light or white background or basecoat. A dark background or basecoat will deplete the glow.

Please avoid using coloured mediums when producing a glow in the dark coating. A transparent medium is needed to increase the brightness of the glow.

When mixing the glow pigment in with your chosen medium, please avoid grinding or sheer force as this can damage the crystals and destroy the glow.

It is always recommended to add your chosen medium to the glow pigment rather than the pigment to the medium.

We recommend using plastic spatulas and mixing bowls. Please avoid using metal mixing equipment as this could react with the glow pigments.

Please view MSDS and TDS before use.

The information supplied in this post is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.