Colour Changing Products are the retail arm of Good Life Innovations Ltd., a UK company with offices in Australia and South Africa.  Specialising in the sale of innovative products that change colour using colour changing inks, pigments including Masterbatch and Chameleon coatings.  These are used in the health, leisure, home, office and automobile industries. In particular, Liquid Crystal and Chromazone temperature sensing products that change colour, known as thermochromic's. They supply the NHS, local government and childcare centres with thermometers suggested by the Lullaby Trust and Scottish Cot Death Trust. Our new 'easy read' colour thermometer offers new technology to make the checking of temperature for baby safety even better and a great alternative to the standard liquid crystal thermometer strips currently used.

Other examples of thermochomic products, include the famous 'My Wee Friend' potty training aids that change colour when baby wees.  These have been highly successful with excellent reviews, as have our hot surface warning stickers that change colour to let you know the heated area is too warm.

Experience our Photochromic UV safety products, that sense the strength of the sunlight and are often used as a guide to avoiding dangerous UV levels.  Other best sellers include the range of Hydrochromic materials that change colour when moisture is applied.  This coating has proven extremely popular in colour changing umbrellas - just the thing to brighten the day when it pours!

Our products are manufactured to high standards by the Global Leaders in this technology, whose clients include NASA and have used their technology on the Space Shuttle.  They have been involved in the advance of Liquid Crystal devices for over 30 years.  This technology offers exciting colour changing graphics that produce a wide range of applications; from the accurate precision required to monitor temperature in a medical or surgical setting, to the educational needs of schools, colleges and universities, as well as items for the office, home and garden.  Fun items have also been produced like colour changing wine labels and beer cans that tell will you when your beer is perfectly chilled to the whimsical mood ring of the 60's.  Most of these can be customised into attention-grabbing and useful promotional products.  Trade prices are provided for purchases in bulk; please contact us for details