Just like magic. It changed colour before my very eyes!

Watching a product change from one colour to another completely different colour, captivates most audiences. This act of changing colour represents multiple scientific reactions right before your eyes in a simple visible fashion. These products have a wide range of purposes for all the family, and can be used in everyday life.

There are three different types of colour changing reactions which are triggered by different causes.

Thermochromic- these products require a change of temperature to trigger a change in colour. An example of a thermochromic colour changing reaction can be observed with our product, Ice Cream Spoons which change colour once the spoon touches the cold ice cream.  Or My Wee Frienda potty training tool that rewards your child with a smiley face.

My Wee Friend - Potty Training Sticker Pack

Hydrochromic- these products require water or a liquid to trigger a change in colour. An example of a hydrochromic colour changing reaction is a colour changing umbrella which react to rain to change from white to colour.

Photochromic- these products require a change of UV light to trigger a change in colour. An example of a photochromic colour changing reaction can be presented with UV shoelaces which change colour in sunlight.

UV Colour Changing Flat Shoe Flat Laces-White to Blue. Changes colour in the sun or UV exposure

Electrochromic- these products require an electric charge to trigger a change in colour. These products are rarer in nature compared to other chromics, a good example of electrochromic products are smart windows. These windows respond to a charge- such as a flick of a switch, to change glass from translucent to frosted.  Other products use a conductive ink as shown below.

Electric Paint electrochromic nontoxic, water based, water soluble, electrically conductive paint 

These scientific reactions are a lot of fun to watch, but also have a number of important roles to aid everyday life. A number of colour changing products have a element of increasing safety, by presenting a visible notification on changes in temperature or UV light. For example, The Hot Dog Alert tool changes from black to red to notify that the temperature within a car is dangerously high for a dog. For UV light, a UV sun wristband,  which changes colour to a purple once the UV index is too high which allows a visible guide of staying out in the sun.

the hot dog alert

Other colour changing products have important roles to aid everyday life. Photochromic lenses, most commonly known by the brand name Transitions, are prescription glasses which darken when reacting with UV light, to remove the need for a separate pair of sunglasses. Room thermometers are an easy way to visibly to see the temperature of a room and react accordingly.

Peter Rabbit Room Thermometer Cards

Some colour changing product are created purely for an entertainment purpose. UV beads are excellent for arts and crafts as they change from clear to coloured in UV light. Thermochromic stickers, change colour upon touch from body heat of around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.  These allow the user to directly control and direct the changing of colour.

Colour Changing Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Heart Stickers

Furthermore, colour changing products are great use for all the family. Bath thermometers are ideal for testing the temperature of babies’ baths to prevent any scalding, while forehead thermometers are ideal for measuring babies and children’s temperatures in a quick and easy fashion. For older children, colour changing shoelaces have the ability the jazz up pairs of trainers. For adults, there are a wide range of products around the home, such as colour changing straws to liven up any drink and gas level indicators to aid all BBQ lovers. Colour changing are not just limited to children, but can be used and appreciated by a wide range of people for a wide range of purposes.  

Baby Duck Bath Thermometer CardCaravan_Camping_Magnetic_Gas-Level-Indicator

As you can see there are a wide range of colour changing products for all sorts of purposes and for all the family- from babies to adult. Colour changing products are effective ways to see a visible change of conditions- such as a change of temperature or UV light. These products can aid everyday life, encourage health and safety and also can be used for entertainment purposes.