A festival of colour....

The team at Colour Changing Products were lucky enough to travel all the way to India in search of the world's most beautiful and vibrant pigments. We have travelled to many places but India certainly stands out and ticks all of the colourful boxes.

Colour is very important to our company as colour is what we do best. We use a wide range of dyes and pigments from around the world to formulate our wide range of colour changing inks and paints. We especially enjoy formulating products that use such technology as Photochromic, Hydrochromic, Thermochromic and Liquid Crystal coatings.

India is the most amazing place we have ever been, the people, the culture, the food and the colours provide the ultimate backdrop for any trip. We were never bored, there was always something to captivate our minds and inspire us....Colourful shops, beautifully painted temples, blue and pink cities, and lots of laughing people covered in colourful pigments dyes.....

Whilst we were in India, we were lucky enough to be in the holy city of Varanasi during one of Indias largest festivals, the Holi Festival, a festival of colour.

On Holi morning, we were woken up by the distant call of the morning prayer and the beautiful smell of the spices being used in the preparation of our breakfast. Once up, we were greeted by our guide for the day, Mr Remesh, a young man with a massive smile that dominated his face. In a cute attempt to talk English in a cockney accent, Mr Remesh asked us to follow him down the winding marble staircase towards the cool and dark lobby. The large double wooden doors to the hotel were locked with a large iron bolt, the shutters on the windows closed.  We were all desperate to get outside. Mr Remesh opened the door to one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. We were immediately confronted by a group of smiling children carrying handfuls of bright pigments. Beyond them, hundreds of laughing people and buildings covered in beautiful colours. The whole of Varanasi had been given the most beautiful of makeovers. 

Mr Remesh unbolted the doors, they slowly swung open, revealing a new world. We were visually bombarded by vibrant colours, smiling faces, uncontrollable laughter and the controlled chaos that is Holi. After leaving the main gates to the hotel complex, we were immediately confronted by a group of smiling children cheekily carrying handfuls of bright pigments. We stood there nervously whilst each child unloaded their pigments in our direction, covering us from head to toe in colour.

Holi festival colour changing products

As we ran down the narrow streets in search of shelter we passed hundreds of small market stalls selling pigment in thousands of different colours, including fluorescent, metallic, glow in the dark, colour flip and colour changing. I can honestly say, I have never been so overwhelmed by colour.

Our trip to India was a great success and we returned back to England with the most beautiful of pigments.